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ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution
by Marco Bellinaso
May 2006, Paperback

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Extending Visual Studio 2005 with Add-ins: An Example with SQL Server and C# Code Generation in Visual Studio 2005

By Eric Engler
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Recorded at the Atlanta Code Camp 2007. Reproduced herein by permission.


In this 69-minute screencast video recorded at the 2007 Atlanta Code Camp, Wrox Technical Editor Eric Engler discusses the benefits of extending Visual Studio 2005 with add-ins. In doing this, he illustrates the process with an example creating an add-in for 2-way SQL code generation: it reads an existing SQL Class and writes updates without the developer using it having to know how it works. Eric's code example for you to download and work with after watching the video is available at: http://www.ericengler.com/Presentations.aspx. Like all Code Camp presentations, it's long on code and hands-on work and short on PowerPoint!
  • 00:10 Eric's Introduction
  • 00:59 VS Extensibility Options: macros, add-ins, and packages
  • 05:04 SQL Editor
  • 08:50 Discussing Phases of the example: Creating a C# Extensibility Project using the VS 2005 Wizard; Creating a C# Windows Forms Project; Add Full Functionality in SQL Editor
  • 13:50 Starting phase 1 of the project in Visual Studio: creating the project using the wizard
  • 30:42 Phase 2 coding: Adding more functionality with Windows forms
  • 39:55 Phase 3 coding:
Time: 69 minutes
Format: Windows Media (.wmv)
Size: 89mb
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Eric Engler is an MCSD.NET certified Eric is a Senior Software Engineer. He has over 20 years of experience programming many languages, on many platforms. His current focus is on Visual Studio and C#, including all types of applications: Windows, Web, and middle-tier. In addition, he was the Wrox technical editor on the ASP.NET 2.0 bestseller ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming Problem Design Solution by Marco Bellinaso (ISBN: 978-0764584640, Wrox, 2006).

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