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by Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier, Tadayoshi Kohno
July 2012, Wiley E-Text
by Howard Fosdick
March 2005, Paperback
by Lonnon R. Foster, Glenn Bachmann
April 2005, Paperback
by Eric Foster-Johnson, John C. Welch, Micah Anderson
April 2005, Paperback
by Danny Garber, Jamal Malik, Adam Fazio
August 2013, Paperback(E-Book also available)
by Mark Gardener
June 2012, Paperback(E-Book also available)
US $34.99 Add To Cart
by Nick Gerakines
May 2008, Paperback
by Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Gary Dodge, David Klein, Ben Shapiro, Christopher G. Chelliah
June 2005, Paperback
by Rick Greenwald
December 2008, Paperback
by Marc Gregoire
April 2018, Paperback(E-Book also available)
US $65.00 Add To Cart
by Marc Gregoire
September 2014, Paperback(E-Book also available)
US $49.99 Add To Cart
by Marc Gregoire, Nicholas A. Solter, Scott J. Kleper
October 2011, Paperback
by Lynne Grewe
April 2009, Paperback
by Roger A. Grimes
May 2006, Paperback
by Shishir Gundavaram, Kapil Sharma, Deepak Thomas, Pancrazio De Mauro, Mark Mamone, Simon Whiting, Sandip Bhattacharya
July 2004, Paperback
by Ron Hale-Evans, Marty Hale-Evans
September 2011, Paperback
US $24.99 Add To Cart
by Eric Hammersley
December 2006, Paperback
by Simon Harris, James Ross
November 2005, Paperback
by David Hook
August 2005, Paperback
by Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes
September 2008, Paperback
by John Hurst
November 2007, Paperback
by HoJun Jaygarl, Cheng Luo, YoonSoo Kim, Eunyoung Choi, Kevin Bradwick, Jon Lansdell
June 2014, Paperback(E-Book also available)
by Kyle Johns, Trevor Taylor
May 2008, Paperback
by Bruce Johnson
May 2013, Wiley E-Text