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Browse the list below for all Wrox Blox titles related to ASP.NET programming. Here's where you will find the most up-to-date technical expertise on a wide variety of ASP.NET topics, including AJAX, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5, FCKeditor, Control Toolkit, Active Server Pages, database driven Weblogs, CSS, XML, and more. You can count on Wrox Blox to help build your ASP.NET programming knowledge, today!

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ASP.NET MVC 2 (0470767480) cover image
by Simone Chiaretta
May 2010, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox is for .NET developers who already have experience developing web applications with ASP.NET MVC and want to learn the new features introduced in the new release of ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC 2 has been built with the goal to increase productivity and make ASP.NET MVC ready for enterprise development. This Wrox Blox guides the reader through the new features by explaining how to use data scaffolding and automatic validation, how to write ... Read More
C# 4, ASP.NET 4, and WPF, with Visual Studio 2010 Jump Start (0470770341) cover image
by Christian Nagel, Bill Evjen, Rod Stephens, Scott Hanselman, Jay Glynn, Devin Rader, Karli Watson, Morgan Skinner
March 2010, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox is a value-packed resource to help experienced .NET developers learn the new .NET release. It is excerpted from the Wrox books: Professional C# 4 and .NET 4, Professional ASP.NET 4, and WPF Programmer’s Reference by Christian Nagel, Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, and Rod Stephens, and includes more than 100 print book pages drawn from these three key titles. It is an excellent resource to help .NET developers get up to speed fast on . ... Read More
jQuery for ASP.NET Developers (0470478454) cover image
by Joe Brinkman
September 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox teaches you how to use jQuery with your ASP.NET-based websites.  jQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript development and allows you to create highly interactive and responsive websites using the latest JavaScript and AJAX techniques. The author walks you through the jQuery API using a simple ASP.NET MVC application to highlight major topics, and shows how you can apply jQuery to your own applications. After learning the basics of using ... Read More
Introduction to ASP.NET 4 AJAX Client Templates (047056069X) cover image
by Craig Shoemaker
September 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox will teach you how to create and customize ASP.NET 4 AJAX Preview 4 Client Templates. The author shows you how to use declarative as well as imperative data-binding techniques to address the simple to advanced UI requirements. He also covers how the observer pattern is fully implemented in ASP.NET 4 AJAX and, when used in conjunction with the Client Template markup extensions, provides a developer experience much like XAML-based applications ... Read More
Robust ASP.NET Exception Handling (047050367X) cover image
by Lee Dumond
May 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox will teach you how to unravel the mysteries of exception handling in ASP.NET.   First, you’ll get a thorough introduction to structured exception handling in the .NET Framework, learn about the Exception class, the related C# language constructs, and how exceptions propagate up the call stack. Then, you’ll delve into a variety of practical topics such as: when, where, and how to properly throw, catch, and handle exceptions in your code ... Read More
NHibernate with ASP.NET Problem Design Solution (0470488204) cover image
by Scott Millett
March 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox demonstrates how to start using NHibernate in line business applications using ASP.NET and VB.NET. Using NHibernate will speed up your application development by removing the need to build your own Data Access Layer (DAL). In addition, you can focus solely on the business problem instead of the infrastructure concerns. Using a simple demo application as an example, this Wrox Blox shows how easy it is to get started with NHibernate and ... Read More
Integrating Crystal Reports into an ASP.NET Application (0470502320) cover image
by Vincent Varallo
March 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox provides step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate the Crystal Reports for .NET into an ASP.NET application. Reporting is a key ingredient for polishing up applications, especially enterprise applications or line-of-business applications. You can quickly and easily build an ASP.NET application that allows a manager to run reports to get this information rather than display it in a simple HTML page. In this Wrox Blox, you'll learn ... Read More
Secrets of Real World ASP.NET Dynamic Data Websites (047045735X) cover image
by Craig Shoemaker
March 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox will teach you how to work with the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data feature set. Rather than being a new data access technology or some new approach to querying the database, a Dynamic Data web site helps abstract the user interface controls needed to present the data in your database. You will learn to model the database in LINQ to SQL and apply a variety of metadata attributes to the model. These attributes and their arguments will allow ... Read More
Done in 60 Minutes: Building a Custom DotNetNuke Membership Provider (0470457325) cover image
by Antonio Chagoury
January 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox will give you a high-level overview of the core Membership Provider and its default implementation, (ASP.NET Membership), and demonstrate how to build and configure your own custom provider. The Provider Model is a design pattern introduced in .NET to provide a simple way to extend API functionality. DotNetNuke uses this architecture to allow some of its core functionality to be replaced without modifying core code.  ... Read More
DotNetNuke and Web Standards (0470457333) cover image
by Cuong Dang
December 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox demonstrates a web standards approach to building DotNetNuke skins by defining a flexible XHTML/CSS layout. This Wrox Blox also shows the differences between HTML and XHTML and provides recommendations to the module development process using web standards techniques.Professional web designers and developers are embracing web standards more than ever before. Many businesses are considering using the DotNetNuke framework for their next ... Read More
Internet Explorer 8 and its Impact on Your ASP.NET Web Sites (0470457279) cover image
by Robert Boedigheimer
December 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox demonstrates how standards compliance in Internet Explorer 8 will impact your Web sites.  It will teach you how to immediately ensure visitors to your sites have a positive experience using IE 8, while also giving you time to test your site or make any necessary changes.   The IE 8 browser will undoubtedly cause many current web sites to render or behave incorrectly, since so many web sites were either developed prior to modern web ... Read More
New Features in ASP.NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 (0470457341) cover image
by Wallace B. McClure
December 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
There are several new features that are included with ASP.NET 3.5 Service Pack 1. This Wrox Blox reviews these new features. These include Support History and the Back Button with ASP.NET AJAX, making your AJAX pages faster through script combining, and the ability to easily create web pages that users can perform basic CRUD operations with named Dynamic Data. In addition, this Wrox Blox covers routing with Web Forms—Routing is a part of ASP.NET MVC ... Read More
Jumping from ASP.NET to Silverlight 2 (0470477164) cover image
by Daniel Crenna
December 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox aims to provide an ASP.NET developer who is ready to begin his or her learning in Silverlight 2 with some familiar context, while focusing on key areas that a developer needs to be productive: layout, state, consuming and binding to data, and developing reusable controls. While there is massive depth within Silverlight 2 in its entirety, we cover some essential elements to prepare the developer for enhancing future learning or moving ... Read More
Leverage LINQ in ASP.NET 3.5 Projects (0470259108) cover image
by Roger Jennings
October 2007, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox introduces you to Language Integrated Query (LINQ), a .NET 3.5 application programming interface (API) and set of extensions to the Visual Basic and C# languages. First, you get acquainted with LINQ’s Standard Query Operators (SQOs) and new keywords that define the language. Then you use the SQOs to write LINQ expressions in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 that let you query diverse data types with a single syntax that’s similar to Structured Query ... Read More
Dynamic Control Survivability in ASP.NET (0470279346) cover image
by Jerome DiMarzio
December 2007, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox provides two solutions for dynamic control survivability, including using the ASP.NET Session object to hold the dynamic controls, and accessing the page's Form objects before they are destroyed. Using ASP.NET 2.0 with C# and VB.NET, you will explore both solutions and see the best situations in which to use them. Many ASP .NET programmers require the use of dynamic, page-generated controls to provide a flexible user experience. However ... Read More
LINQifying TheBeerHouse: An N-Tier LINQ Web Application with ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution (047041569X) cover image
by Lee Dumond
September 2008, Wrox Blox PDF

TheBeerHouse website from ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem–Design–Solution gets the ASP.NET 3.5 treatment with two unique approaches to applying LINQ to SQL to data access. You’ll take advantage of the original application’s data provider model to develop a custom LINQ to SQL provider for the Articles module then try a different approach, while learning how to develop an ASP.NET 3.5 application using a purely LINQ-based three-tier model. ... Read More

Hands - on ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (0470286644) cover image
by Damien White
January 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox gives developers a hands-on look at some of the commonly used AJAX Control Toolkit controls, focusing on the CollapsiblePanel, Accordion, Tabs, ModalPopup, TextboxWatermark, AutoComplete, and CascadingDropDown. Developers also gain the tools they need to effectively use and understand the other controls found in the Toolkit. The starting point is an introduction to ASP.NET AJAX discussing the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0 and AJAX in ... Read More
Jumping from ASP to ASP.NET (0470391847) cover image
by Doug Parsons
June 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox introduces you to Visual Web Developer Express 2008 (think of this like Web Matrix on steroids!) and also goes over various Object Oriented Program (OOP) methodologies that you should be familiar with as you begin working with ASP.NET. While this Wrox Blox doesn’t cover actually building a working application, it touches on what n-tier architecture is and why it is a good idea to use it.  Because ASP.NET is such a vast topic, you can’t ... Read More
ASP.NET AJAX Control Development with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Framework (0470286652) cover image
by Damien White
April 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox empowers developers to develop ASP.NET AJAX controls by giving them a look "under the hood" of AJAX controls. While this Wrox Blox focuses on Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, developers should know that the concepts for creating custom controls in Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 with ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 are very similar. Visual Studio 2008 offers many improvements concerning JavaScript editing/debugging, and .NET 3.5 includes ASP.NET AJAX ... Read More
Migrating to LINQ to SQL in TheBeerHouse and ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming Problem Design Solution (0470375019) cover image
by Doug Parsons
March 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox demonstrates various LINQ to SQL techniques to use in upgrading the “Articles” portion of TheBeerHouse application. The first step is migrating TheBeerHouse project from an ASP.NET 2.0 to an ASP.NET 3.5 application. Next, create a LINQ to SQL class (DBML) mapping file that will encapsulate the entire Data Access Layer for this project. Readers will become comfortable working with Entities ... Read More
Leveraging httpModules for Better ASP.NET Applications (0470379391) cover image
by Chris Love
April 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox explains how to create different types of custom modules for ASP.NET web sites. Custom ASP.NET Modules are a great way to program advanced features to your web site. This Wrox blox discusses the difference between a custom httpModule and the Global.asax file. It also covers the steps in the ASP.NET pipeline. The examples include using a custom module to configure a site's initial settings, a background worker thread, and an IP blocker ... Read More
Leveraging httpHandlers to Stream Custom Content in ASP.NET (0470379405) cover image
by Chris Love
June 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox provides a look into how to build and use custom ASP.NET httpHandlers to easily make advanced ASP.NET web sites. Learn fundamental concepts on what custom handlers are and how to use them. This Wrox Blox provides the opportunity to examine several real-world examples of custom httpHandlers to see how they can be applied and how they are developed. The author starts by covering built-in httpHandlers and adding an httpHandler to an ASP ... Read More
A Blogging Application in ASP.NET 2.0 (0470261218) cover image
by Imar Spaanjaars
December 2007, Wrox Blox PDF
In this Wrox Blox, you'll see the code and layers used to add an ASP.NET blog to your site. After working through the blog design and installation, you'll also get a chance to modify the blog application further using a three-layer n-tier design. The three layers are the presentation layer, business layer, and data access layer. A blog is a great addition to any ASP.NET content site. Thanks to ASP.NET 2.0, it’s easy to make the data access layer work ... Read More
Professional ASP.NET 3.5 Upgrade (0470384638) cover image
by Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, Devin Rader
March 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox covers how to get from ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 3.5 from three of the most respected ASP.NET experts: Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, and Devin Rader. It contains more than 200 pages from 5 chapters, and 1 appendix, of their new book: Professional ASP.NET 3.5. These selected chapters feature the key new ASP.NET 3.5 functionality, including LINQ, ASP.NET with IIS7, CSS in ASP.NET, and ASP.NET AJAX, as well as migrating ASP.NET 2.0 projects ... Read More
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