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Browse the list below for all Wrox Blox titles related Microsoft Servers. Here's where you will find the most up-to-date technical expertise on a wide variety of Microsoft Server topics, including Windows PowerShell, Database administration (DBA), and more. You can count on Wrox Blox to help build your Microsoft Server knowledge, today!

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Integrating Microsoft CRM 4.0 with Windows SharePoint Services (0470397772) cover image
by Rituraj Singh
June 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox explains a custom design for integrating Microsoft CRM 4.0 with external applications. The author helps readers understand Microsoft CRM's integration capabilities and design approach for integrating Microsoft CRM with other applications and implementing it by integrating Microsoft CRM with WSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (WSS). The Wrox Blox begins with an explanation of the requirements for a generic design pattern and discusses ... Read More
Effective Knowledge Management with Microsoft SharePoint Content Types (0470384557) cover image
by Henry Ong
May 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox shows you best-practice scenarios for knowledge worker information management using SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. It demonstrates features that are common to both Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0 (WSS v3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). Starting with examples of traditional filing systems using folder hierarchies, it progresses to the introduction of custom metadata columns to make storing, ... Read More
Extending the MOSS Publishing HTML Editor Field Control (0470396814) cover image
by Andrew Connell
May 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
In this Wrox Blox, you learn how to create a custom button to generate a special HTML hyperlink. The hyperlink contains extra information to show the relationship between two individuals. This type of data is called the XHTML Friends Network (XFN), a specific type of microformat. A microformat is a Web-based formatting approach that aims to use existing XHTML tools (such as element attributes and classes) to describe data, not just to supply visual ... Read More
Scripting SQL Management Objects in Windows PowerShell (0470279354) cover image
by Willis Johnson
January 2008, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox shows how to communicate with SQL Server using SQL Management Objects instantiated on-the-fly in Windows PowerShell scripts. Topics include how to create Windows PowerShell scripts that use SQL Management Objects (SMO) to manage and program SQL Server. In addition, you will learn about areas of potential difficulty and see how to avoid them—for example, the use of '$' in instance name, quote nesting rules, connection pooling, and schemata ... Read More
Dynamic Control Survivability in ASP.NET (0470279346) cover image
by Jerome DiMarzio
December 2007, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox provides two solutions for dynamic control survivability, including using the ASP.NET Session object to hold the dynamic controls, and accessing the page's Form objects before they are destroyed. Using ASP.NET 2.0 with C# and VB.NET, you will explore both solutions and see the best situations in which to use them. Many ASP .NET programmers require the use of dynamic, page-generated controls to provide a flexible user experience. However ... Read More
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