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Browse the list below for all Wrox Blox titles related Visual Basic programming. Here's where you will find the most up-to-date technical expertise on a wide variety of Visual Basic topics, including NHibernate in line business applications using ASP.NET, Visual Basic 2008, VB 2008 graphics, printouts, C# 2008, .NET, GDI+, image transformation, FlowDocument, WPF graphics, and more. You can count on Wrox Blox to help build your Visual Basic programming knowledge, today!

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NHibernate with ASP.NET Problem Design Solution (0470488204) cover image
by Scott Millett
March 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
This Wrox Blox demonstrates how to start using NHibernate in line business applications using ASP.NET and VB.NET. Using NHibernate will speed up your application development by removing the need to build your own Data Access Layer (DAL). In addition, you can focus solely on the business problem instead of the infrastructure concerns. Using a simple demo application as an example, this Wrox Blox shows how easy it is to get started with NHibernate and ... Read More
Visual Basic Graphics Programming (0470343486) cover image
by Rod Stephens
February 2008, Wrox Blox PDF

This Wrox Blox shows you how to add graphics to Visual Basic 2008 applications by explaining fundamental graphics techniques such as: drawing shapes with different colors and line styles; filling areas with colors, gradients, and patterns; drawing text that is properly aligned, sized, and clipped exactly where you want it; manipulating images and saving results in bitmap, JPEG, and other types of files. Also covered are instructions for how to greatly ... Read More

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