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by Chris Love
October 2009, Paperback
by Marco Bellinaso
May 2006, Paperback
by Nick Berardi, Al Katawazi, Marco Bellinaso
June 2009, Paperback
by Marco Bellinaso, Kevin Hoffman
March 2002, Paperback
by Marco Bellinaso, Kevin Hoffman
January 2003, Paperback
by Tracy Wittenkeller, Shaun Walker (Foreword by)
August 2008, Paperback
by Erik Veerman, Jessica M. Moss, Brian Knight, Jay Hackney
November 2009, Paperback(E-Book also available)
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by Scott Millett
March 2009, Wrox Blox PDF
by Nick Lecrenski
April 2010, Paperback
by Mitch Amiano, Conrad D'Cruz, Kay Ethier, Michael D. Thomas
June 2006, Paperback