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Programmers Writing for Programmers, Write for Wrox!

So you're going to be a Wrox author. Welcome aboard! Along with the series-specific guidelines you should receive from your editor, these author guidelines will provide you with everything you need to know in order to get your manuscript ready for submission, including how to use our templates, how to shoot and submit screen images, and how to obtain any third-party permissions.

Becoming a Wrox Author

If you're a programmer and you're interested in writing for Wrox — even if you've never written anything before — feel free to contact us. We'll be more than happy to take you on as an author if you know the technology inside out. Wrox authors aren't writers by trade — they're programmers, and our unique editorial process will get the best out of you.

At Wrox Press, the creation of a Wrox book is a team activity that includes coordinating the talents of not only our authors and editors, but also marketers, salespeople, and those involved in production, manufacturing, distribution, and support services. Everyone involved contributes to a published product's success in the marketplace.

The Wrox series draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of our authors and staff — a diverse, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent and commitment to the integrity of the Wrox brand.

The Wrox publishing process is more than just slapping a red and white cover on a manuscript. Our collaborative tradition provides authors with every support possible throughout the publishing process. Our editors work closely with authors to discuss project ideas, assess the viability of proposals, and develop manuscripts — our goal is to help our authors write the best books they can. We maintain personal contact with authors throughout (and even after) the life of a project. When you become a Wrox Press author, you join the Wrox family.

Our marketing, publicity, and sales staff begin their work early in the publishing cycle; they are involved in every step of product development, from market identification to the selection, analysis, and development of product ideas to the sale of finished products. They make sure the right product is published at the right price for the right market. They employ the full range of marketing resources — trade and academic representation, direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, promotion, and publicity — to reach customers.

If you have a book idea or proposal, please send us your resume, some samples of your previous writing, and an outline of your book idea to proposals@wrox.com. Please do not send us complete manuscripts.

Not Ready to Write for Wrox?

If you don't feel you're ready to become a Wrox author, or you'd like to be involved but just don't have the time to dedicate to writing a book, you have some alternatives. You can become a technical editor, using your programming knowledge to review and validate a book's technical material. Your feedback would play a very important role in the quality of the final book.

General Book Ideas

If you're desperate to see a book on a certain topic, but you don't want to write it yourself, then let us know anyway. We're always on the lookout for bright ideas! Contact proposals@wrox.com.