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Author Guidelines

Welcome to the Wrox Press authoring team. The links below provide you with several resources that will help the editorial and production processes of your book go as smoothly as possible. It's very important that you use these resources in conjunction with the series-specific guidelines your editor provided. (Talk to your editor if you haven't received a Word document containing guidelines for the specific series you are writing for. These guideline documents are named Wrox_Beginner.doc, Wrox_Professional.doc, Wrox_Expert One on One.doc, or Wrox_Programmers Reference.doc).

Click any of the following links for more information. We hope your authoring experience is a pleasant one.


Author FAQ: This document briefly answers some of the most common questions authors have and points you to more information on the topic, as necessary.

Author Review: This document outlines when you'll receive edited files back, how to handle the changes, and the rest of the process after you have completed author review.

Permissions FAQ: This document covers obtaining third-party permissions: What needs permission, whose job it is to get the permission, and which forms to use.

Plagiarism: This document defines our standards and explains what material can and cannot be used without citation.

Chapter Submission Checklist: This document is a final checklist to help you ensure that your chapter is ready for submission.


Figure Submittal Standards: This PDF contains all the details to help you establish the proper screen settings to ensure that your screen shots maintain a high level of consistency and quality in the printed book.

Transitional Art Guidelines: For returning Wrox Press authors, this PDF provides a quick overview of some requirements that may have changed since you captured screen shots for your last book. If this is the first time you've written for Wrox Press, you can skip this document.

Author Cover Photo Guidelines: This document tells you how to look your best in the cover photo.

Necessary Forms and Templates

Note: Be sure to get the appropriate Wrox Word template for your series from your editor. We do not publicly post Word templates or other proprietary information, such as series guidelines.

Author Media Request List: If your book has a companion CD or Web site, you need to fill out this document and send it to your editor.

Software Appendix Template: If your book contains an appendix describing what can be found on the companion CD or Web site, you need to use this document as a starting point.

Permission Forms: This is where we house all the legal forms to obtain third-party permissions.