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Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL
by Wallace B. McClure, Gregory A. Beamer, John J. Croft, IV, J. Ambrose Little, Bill Ryan, Phil Winstanley, David Yack, Jeremy Zongker
December 2005, Paperback

Wrox Code Camp Video Series

VB 9.0 / C# 3 and the Search for the Missing LINQ

By Jim Wooley
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Recorded at the Atlanta Code Camp 2006.
Reproduced herein by permission.


LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is Microsoft's codename for a set of language extensions for C# and VB to give developers working in those languages native language syntax and class libraries for language-integrated query. Jim Wooley was a featured speaker at Atlanta Code Camp on May 13, 2006, and presented a 66-minute, on-screen demo of how developers can benefit from LINQ. We've recorded his presentation and have it here for you so that you can follow along as he builds code and works through processes on-screen and listen to him narrate and explain each step. The first six minutes of the presentation are a few PPT slides describing the session and tools and from there, the remainder is all hands-on work in Visual Studio showing LINQ.
  • 00:00 Title
  • 00:10 Jim's introduction and a few introductory PPT slides
  • 06:30 Beginning of demos: Examples in VB code
  • 24:40 Example: Querying reflection — also in VB code
  • 26:40 PPT slide: Query syntax recap: VB and C#
  • 29:30 Demo: Starting with C# examples
  • 32:15 Lambda Expressions syntax
  • 34:10 Extension methods
  • 43:20 Xlink Xelement
  • 44:48 More detail on Lambda expressions
  • 50:10 New Expression Tree
  • 53:00 PPT Slide: C# 3.0 language innovations
  • 54:00 VB 9.0 language innovations
  • 56:45 Q&A
Time: 66 minutes
Format: Windows Media (.wmv)
Resolution: 640x460
Size: 80.5MB
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Jim Wooley has been working with .NET since the initial PDC bits in 2000, releasing his first application one week before the .NET 1.0 go-live. He is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology and enjoys the thrill of a new challenge. In addition, he attempts to pass on the insights he has gained by being active in the community, including leading the Atlanta VB Study Group and serving as INETA Membership Manager for the Georgia region.