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Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System
by Jean-Luc David, Tony Loton, Erik Gunvaldson, Christopher Bowen, Noah Coad, Darren Jefford
May 2006, Paperback

Wrox Code Camp Video Series

Extending Visual Studio 2005 Team System

By Jean-Luc David
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Recorded at the Atlanta Code Camp 2006.
Reproduced herein by permission.


Visual Studio 2005 Team System is Microsoft's addition to the Visual Studio toolset for communication and collaboration amongst teams by way of a lifecycle tool. Wrox author Jean-Luc David (Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Wrox, 2006 ISBN: 0-7645-8436-7) was a featured speaker at the Atlanta Code Camp on May 13, 2006, and presented a 68-minute, on-screen demo of how development teams will work with Visual Studio 2005 Team System. We've recorded his presentation and have it here for you so that you can follow along as he builds code and works through processes on-screen and listen to him narrate and explain each step. By the time he's done, you'll have a good idea of how to put VSTS to work in your setting to build higher quality code at every step of the development cycle, to enforce coding standards, and other VSTS tasks. The first five minutes of the presentation are a few PPT slides describing the session and tool and from there, the remainder is all hands-on work in VSTS.
  • 00:00 Title
  • 00:15 Jean-Lucís introduction and five introductory PPT slides
  • 05:28 Beginning of first demo: Continuous integration
  • 21:00 Second demo: Implement a new build task
  • 33:10 Third demo: FxCop rules: Copyright policy in source file at check in
  • 53:50 Fourth example: Customizing the team portal
  • 66:15 Final example: Process template editor (very brief example as time was running out)
Time: 68 minutes
Format: Windows Media (.wmv)
Resolution: 640x460
Size: 88.6MB
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Jean-Luc David is a current Team System MVP and a Toronto-based trainer, consultant, and author. His most recent Wrox book is Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System (ISBN: 0-7645-8436-7). He is also the CEO/Lead Developer for Stormpixel Solutions, a company focused on developing .NET solutions for the desktop, mobile devices, and the Web. He has published numerous technical articles on ASPToday.com, C|NET, Builder.com, and XML.COM. Jean-Luc has the distinction of being the first Canadian to receive the Microsoft Visual Developer-.NET Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. His recent activities include presiding over the Toronto Windows Server User Group, a collective of over 853 IT Professionals in the greater Toronto Area. He is also part of the administrative team of the East of Toronto .NET User Group and is a speaker in the MSDN/INETA Canada Speakers Bureau.