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Wrox User Groups Program

Wrox Press is committed to supporting the programming community. As part of that commitment, we have developed the Wrox User Group Program to support the efforts of user groups.

Buy and SAVE!
In appreciation of our relationship with registered Wrox user groups, we'd like to offer you special discounts. Please contact Jeff Parker at jparker@wiley.com, to explore our user group discount program.

Announce Your Upcoming Meetings and Events!
Looking to increase your membership? Have you always wanted to announce your meetings or events to the masses? Well, you can do that on the Wrox.com P2P Forum.

Click here to post your event.

Book Reviews
If there is a book that your user group is interested in reviewing, then send an e-mail to ptrequest@wiley.com. Identify the title and ISBN of the book, and where to ship the book to. After the review is posted, send us an e-mail to let us know about it.

Feel free to post a book review to your favorite online bookseller, your user group's site and/or newsletter, or to your blog.

Comments and Feedback
We'd like to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send an e-mail to wrox-partnerwithus@wrox.com.