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Wrox International IT Certifications

Our training helps to bridge the skill gap for industry requirements and job readiness. Wrox International IT Certifications offer job-role-based IT certifications on leading emerging technologies.

Designed specifically for IT Professionals, these all-in-one Wrox training programs combine world-class content based on the Wrox approach with innovative scenario-based learning, interactive hands-on simulated lab sessions, projects, and real-life case studies. Wrox IT Certifications provide you with job-ready skills in the shortest time possible.

What sets apart Wrox IT Certifications:

  • Innovative scenario-based learning combined with real-life case studies.
  • Carefully designed, outcome-based session plans for maximum skill transfer in a minimum amount of time.
  • Integrated assessments, projects, and hands-on lab sessions constantly measure your industry relevant skills.

The Wrox Certified Big Data Analyst and Wrox Certified Big Data Developer courses are available now through carefully selected training providers throughout India. Wrox Certified Cloud Application Developer and Wrox Certified Mobile Application Developer courses as well as availability in other regions will be announced soon. Fill out the form to the right to find out more about training in your region.

WCBDA: Wrox Certified Big Data Analyst

The Wrox Big Data Analytics Certification introduces you to the basics of Big Data, as well as providing detailed explanations of big data life cycles using numerous case studies. Students learn more about advanced Virtualization techniques, as well as being introduced to the Apache Hadoop and R data ecosystems using Virtualization data sets to help the user work through industry-relevant projects.

WCBDD: Wrox Certified Big Data Developer

The Wrox Big Data Developer Certification introduces students to the role and use of Big Data across a number of Industries through real case studies. The user gains an insight into working with Hadoop and its component tools, as well as developing MapReduce programs and modeling for processing large data sets. You gain hands-on experience by working with real data sets in a controlled environment and in a live Big Data project.

WCCAD: Wrox Certified Cloud Application Developer — Coming Soon

The Wrox Cloud Application Developer Certification provides in-depth coverage of two popular cloud programming platforms — Windows Azure and AWS. Real live case studies and projects help you develop your knowledge as a cloud app developer, covering essentials such as storage, networking, and security services, which are integral when programming for specific platforms.

WCMAD: Wrox Certified Mobile Application Developer — Coming Soon

The Wrox Mobile Application Developer Certification teaches you to develop cross-platform mobile applications using HTML. You can work with Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, allowing you to specialize in one or more operating systems. Real-life case studies and projects are introduced to develop further your understanding of what is required in the workplace.

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Wrox International IT Certifications are currently available only in India. To learn more about training in India or to be notified when training is available in your country, please provide your email address and select your country below.