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ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution, C# Edition (0764543776) cover image

ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution, C# Edition

Marco Bellinaso, Kevin Hoffman
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4377-7
576 pages
March 2002
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
33 Strong Name command

The line 'SN -K ThePhile.SNK' should read 'SN -k ThePhile.SNK'. The 'k' should be lower-case.

08-Nov-02 1
2 40 The BizObject Class

The text specifies that the BizObject class is "of course, abstract and public." The code below declares it as public but not abstract. This would allow code to instantiate a BizObject object directly, which should not be allowed. So it should be declared as public abstract class BizObject.

24-Jan-03 1
3 58 The PhilePageBase mystery

Page 58 refers to a class library called PhilePageBase, which supposedly contains the PhilePage class. In fact, this class does not go in a class libarary of its one -- it goes straight in the main ThePhile project. The other details -- class name, namespace, and so on -- are correct in the book.

08-Mar-03 1
3 61 "Controls" project mystery

The final paragraph of page 61 refers to a "C# class library, called Controls". This class library does not exist in the sample code. Instead, the files are located in a folder called Controls within the ThePhile project.

20-Jan-03 1
4 85 Remove the InitializeComponent() method

The InitializeComponent() method was autogenerated by a pre-release version of Visual Studio .NET, and should not be included.

30-Jan-03 1
253 Wrong screenshot

The image on page 253 is wrong, and has nothing to do with the text surrounding it. Please ignore it.

20-Nov-02 1
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