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Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference

Patricia Cardoza, Teresa Hennig, Graham Seach, Armen Stein
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5903-7
984 pages
April 2004
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Table of Contents

Title Page.

Copyright Page.



Author Bios.


1. Intro to Access.

2. Access, VBA, and Macros.

3. New Features in 2003 (and 2002).

4. VBA Basics.

5. Using the VBA Editor.

6. Using DAO to Access Data.

7. Using ADO to Access Data.

8. Executing VBA.

9. VBA Error Handling.

10. Using VBA to Enhance Forms.

11. Enhancing Reports with VBA.

12. Creating Classes.

13. APIs.

14. SQL & VBA.

15. Working with Office Applications.

16. Security.

17. Understanding Client-Server Development with VBA.

18. Windows Registry.

19. Using the ADE Tools.

20. Macro Security.

Appendix A:  Upgrading to Access 2003.

Appendix B: References for Projects.

Appendix C: DAO Object Method and Property Descriptions.

Appendix D: ADO Object Model Reference.

Appendix E: Access Object Model.

Appendix F: Windows API Reference Information .

Appendix G: Naming Conventions.

Appendix H: VBA Reserved Words.

Appendix I: Tips and Tricks.

Appendix J: ADO Object Argument Information.

Appendix K: Access Wizards, Builders and Managers.

Appendix L: Windows Registry Information.


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