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Access 2010 24-Hour Trainer

Geoffrey L. Griffith, Truitt L. Bradly
ISBN: 978-0-470-59167-3
552 pages
June 2011
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
82 Error in Text
Line 3 currently reads:
"When set to a value of YES,"

Should read:
"When set to a value of NO,"
98 Error in Text
Remove the original "Step 17" and "Step 18," and replace them with the following:

Step 17. Open the tblSales table in Design View mode. Add a field named: State. For the Data Type, choose the Lookup Wizard option. The Lookup Wizard dialog will be opened.

Step 18. On the first page of the Lookup Wizard, click Next. On the second page of the wizard, choose the tblState4 table and click Next. On the third page of the wizard, double click on the StateName field to add it to the lookup and click Next. On the fourth page of the wizard, choose the StateName field from the drop down menu and click Next. On the fifth page of the wizard click on the Finish button. The new lookup field will be created between the State field in the tblSales table and the StateName field in the tblStates4 table. Save the table and close it.

Step 19. Double click on the tblSales table in the Navigation Pane to open the table in Datasheet View. Notice that it now has a State field, and if you click on the blank State field for a record, you'll see that it provides a drop down box with a list of the state name values for the user to choose from.
Lesson 4 DVD Error in Text
On the first screen seen after the Windows logo, there is a series of bullets listing each of the objects in Access. The bullet written "Marcos" should be "Macros."
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