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Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 with Visual C# .NET 2003 (0764557084) cover image

Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 with Visual C# .NET 2003

Chris Ullman, John Kauffman, Chris Hart, Dave Sussman, Daniel Maharry
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5708-8
888 pages
March 2004
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
19 MIssing text in file name in Step 1
Step 1 should read: Go to Program Files\Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix\v0.6.812 and run Web Matrix. The screen that appears is shown in Figure 1-13:
31 Typo in 1st bullet at top of page in url after word or
The url after the word "or" should be: ...or http://localhost/ch02/punctual.aspx....
Not .../ch01/...
7 220 2nd line from bottom of page
Should read: Unlike variables, where the Dim statement defines a class, only the Class keyword followed by the class name (in this case, Person) has been used. The keyword, Public means that the class will be available to all other programs. This is necessary, as an ASP.NET page will use it.
7 224 First paragraph
Change: This validation checks whether the age is less than zero,
to: This validation checks whether the age is less than one,
7 225 Last line on page
The New keyword specifies that the object is being created, and therefore causes the constructor to be run. Also, because the property is now read only, the line that explicitly sets the eye color has to be removed:

myPerson.EyeColor = "Blue"
7 228 2nd line of step 4
Should be: You'll see a simple display that shows the name of the person and the direction they are traveling in, as shown in Figure 7-4:
7 229 2nd & 3rd lines of last text paragraph
Should be: A value greater than 0 is taken as traveling forwards, and a negative number as traveling backwards:
8 251 2nd bullet in bulleted list
Should be: Speed: Stored procedures are optimized the first time they are called, and then the optimized code is used in subsequent calls.
8 254 1st line of code in code block
Should be: <wmx:AccessDataSourceControl id="AccessDataSourceControl1"
8 255 1st two lines of code in code block
Should be: <wmx:MxDataGrid id="MxDataGrid1" runat="server"
DataSourceControlID="AccessDataSourceControl1" BorderColor="#CCCCCC"
8 256 1st two lines of code in code block
Should be: <wmx:MxDataGrid id="MxDataGrid1" runat="server" DataSourceControlID="AccessDataSourceControl1">
257 Code block after step 3, 5th line of code
Change: "Data Source=C:\BegASPNet11\data\Northwind.mdb";
to: @"Data Source=C:\BegASPNet11\data\Northwind.mdb";
260 Last code block, 2nd line
Change: "Data Source=C:\BegASPNet11\data\Northwind.mdb";
to: @"Data Source=C:\BegASPNet11\data\Northwind.mdb";
8 262 1st sentence in step 3
Should be: Pick the SELECT Data Method and drag it from the Toolbox, dropping it into your code window (make sure that where you drop the toolbox item is outside any existing procedures):
8 272 2nd table, 1st description for method "ExecuteNonQuery"
Should be: This executes the command but doesn't return any rows of data. It is useful for commands that perform an action, such as updating data, but that don't need to return a set of data. A value is returned, indicating the number of rows affected by the command.
8 278 1st paragraph, 2nd sentence after "The DataReader Object" heading
The DataReader, an object that we haven't come across yet, is optimized for reading data.
9 284 3rd to last line & last line in code block
3rd to last line should be: dataAdapter.Fill(data)

Last line should be: dataAdapter.Fill(data)
9 285 1st code block
1st code block should be:
dataAdapter.Fill(data, "Products")
dataAdapter.SelectCommand.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Employees"
dataAdapter.Fill(data, "Employees")

9 285 The following addition goes after the first code block on this page
The problem is that this code doesn't work as expected, because IDbDataAdapter doesn't accept the table name as an argument. For this to work you have to use the actual class, OleDbDataAdapter, rather than the interface:
System.Data.OleDbOleDbDataAdapter dataAdapter =
new System.Data.OleDbOleDbDataAdapter();
dataAdapter.SelectCommand = dbCommand;
System.Data.DataSet data = new System.Data.DataSet();
dataAdapter.Fill(data, "Products");
9 287 Step 4, 2nd sentence
Should be: Also drag two the Label controls onto the page and position them as headings to show the contents of selected items from the Datagrid controls.
9 287 Error in Figure 9-3
Replacement Figure 9-3 can be downloaded on the download page.
9 295 Addition to end of last paragraph & replacement for final code block as follows:
Finally we update the data for the selected row. There could be many rows returned by the Select() method, so we index into the array. In our case we know that there is only one row returned at most one row. We check the Length of the SelectedRows array to make sure that at least one row was found, as trying to update the row would fail if nothing was found.:
// Find the row to change
selectedRows = table.Select("FirstName='Margaret' AND LastName='Peacock'");
if (selectedRows.Length > 0)
selectedRows(0).Item("FirstName") = "John";
selectedRows(0).Item("LastName") = "Hartford";

// bind the data grid to the new data
DataGrid3.DataSource = table;
14 515 Step 1, 1st line
Should be: Open Web Matrix and create a new file called syntaxerror.aspx and type the following lines of code into the All Window.
14 515 Step 2, first line
Should be Save this file and load the file using a browser. (Delete "as syntaxerror.aspx")
15 563 3rd full paragraph, 4th line
"...find Webserver.exe.config that..." should be ""...find WebServer.exe.config that..."
15 568 2nd code block
Last part of code should be:
userControlBaseType="[typename]"//Default: System.Web.UI.UserControl
validateRequest="[true|false]"       // Default: true
<pages buffer="true" enableSessionState="true" enableViewState="true"
  enableViewStateMac="true" autoEventWireup="true" validateRequest="true"
15 569 Code block under heading "web.config File"
Should be:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
   <compilation />
   <customErrors />
   <authentication />
   <authorization />
   <trace />
   <sessionState />
   <globalization />
15 576 3rd full bullet on the page
Should be:
VaryByHeader enables you to cache pages specified by different HTTP headers, using a semicolon-separated list of strings.
Delete the 2nd sentence.
15 576 4th full bullet on the page
Replace current bullet with:
VaryByParam enables you to cache sections of the page according to a list of parameters, which are also supplied as a semi-colon delimited list of strings. These strings will either be a query string , or a parameter sent via the POST() method. The permissible values include none,*, or any valid query string or POST() parameter name. You must include this attribute whenever you output cache an ASP.NET page or user control, because a parser error will result otherwise. To ensure the entire page is cached, just set the value to none. The "*" (asterisk) setting specifies that the Output Cache should hold a version of the page for every parameter property that your control returns.
15 581 Code line before 2nd bulleted list
Should be:
Cache.Insert (FileName, Object, Dependency, DateTime, TimeSpan)
15 581 2nd bullet in 2nd bulleted list
Should be:
Object: Name of the object, most typically a DataSet.
15 585 Error in 5th (next to last) code block
First line should be:
grid1.DataSource = nothing
15 586 5th text paragraph, last line
("address") should be ("addressKey")
15 589 Last code block under heading "Cache Priorities"
2nd line should be:
TimeSpan.Zero, CacheItemPriority.High )
Appendix A 713 1st line of Excercise 2 Solution
Should read: The following setion should go in web.config in the ch15 folder.
Appendix A 714 Last line of 1st code block in Exercise 3 Solution
Should read:<12:mylabel12 text="ServerTime()" runat="server"/>
717 Error in code block
Should be
722 Error in code block
+ "'" + "ZipCode = '" + txtZipCode.Text + "'";
Should be:
+ "'" + "AND ZipCode = '" + txtZipCode.Text + "'";
Appendix A 721 29th line of code
Should be: <br />Zip:|<br />
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