Beginning Access 2002 VBA (0764544020) cover image

Beginning Access 2002 VBA

Robert Smith, Dave Sussman, Ian Blackburn, John Colby, Mark Horner, Martin Reid, Paul Turley, Helmut Watson
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4402-6
976 pages
February 2003
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Chapter 1: Designing Applications.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Event-Driven Programming.

Chapter 3: Creating Code.

Chapter 4: Controlling the Program.

Chapter 5: Using Access Objects.

Chapter 6: Using DAO.

Chapter 7: Data Management Techniques.

Chapter 8: Working with Tables.

Chapter 9: External Data.

Chapter 10: Reports.

Chapter 11: Advanced Programming Techniques.

Chapter 12: Finding and Dealing with Errors.

Chapter 13: Using Classes.

Chapter 14: WithEvents and RaiseEvent.

Chapter 15: Libraries and Add-Ins.

Chapter 16: Automation.

Chapter 17: Multi-User.

Chapter 18: The Internet.

Chapter 19: Optimizing Your Application.

Chapter 20: Moving to Client-Server.

Chapter 21: ActiveX Data Objects – ADO.