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Beginning ActionScript 2.0

Nathan Derksen, Jeff Berg
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7768-0
805 pages
April 2006
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
22 Typo in Code
first line of code in example reads:
result = 6 + 4 * 2; // result contains 12

should be:
result = 6 + 4* 2; // result contains 14
36 Error in code
line 3 in last code example should read:
var ball2Clip:MovieClip = ball1Clip.duplicateMovieClip("ball2_mc", 2);
37 Error in code
last line should read: trace(specialDate.getDay()); //Returns 6, which is Saturday
38 Error in code
last line in second code example should read:
this.specialDateField.text = specialDate.toString();
57 Error in Step
Step 3 of breakdown of expression:
235370 - 235246 = 126

should be:
235370 - 235246 = 124
73 Error in code
Second line in grey code block should read:
var vehicleTotals:Object = new Object();

Same change to the downloadable source code.

It will also work as follows:
var vehicleTotals:Array = new Array();

This latter form is not preferred, though, as the code is actually an associative array. The reasons for this are given earlier in chapter 2, page 45. To clarify, perhaps the comment on the first line of the code block should instead read:

// Set up associative array for tracking numbers and total weight for each type of vehicle
78 Error in Step
4th step:
4. Select Control > Test Movie.

should read:
4. Select Control > Debug Movie.
4 84 Error in code
The example at the very bottom code example reads:

it should be:

The text reads as follows:

funtion formatEmailAddress(username:String, domainName:String):String
return userName + "@" + domainName;
var email1:String = createEmailAddress("jsmith", "somedomain.com");

It should read:

function createEmailAddress(username:String, domainName:String):String
return userName + "@" + domainName;
var email1:String = createEmailAddress("jsmith", "somedomain.com");
326 Error in Text
Under the example script on this page, the paragraph numbered 3 is not correct.

It should read:
"Test your movie in the debug player."
You will see two squares on the screen.
90, 91 Inconsistency in Code
There appears an inconsistency between code listing p. 90 and discussion on p. 91:

line 10
"_level0" vs "this"

The line of code in the code listing should read:

newButton = this["button" + currentDepth];
356 Typo

should be:
553 Error in text
Under the section "XMLSocket Class Methods and Events", at the bottom of the table, the last method reads:

It should be:
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