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Beginning Algorithms

Simon Harris, James Ross
ISBN: 978-0-7645-9674-2
600 pages
November 2005
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Chapter 1: Getting Started.

Chapter 2: Iteration and Recursion.

Chapter 3: Lists.

Chapter 4: Queues.

Chapter 5: Stacks.

Chapter 6: Basic Sorting.

Chapter 7: Advanced Sorting.

Chapter 8: Priority Queues.

Chapter 9: Binary Searching and Insertion.

Chapter 10: Binary Search Trees.

Chapter 11: Hashing.

Chapter 12: Sets.

Chapter 13: Maps.

Chapter 14: Ternary Search Trees.

Chapter 15: B-Trees.

Chapter 16: String Searching.

Chapter 17: String Matching.

Chapter 18: Computational Geometry.

Chapter 19: Pragmatic Optimization.

Appendix A: Further Reading.

Appendix B: Resources.

Appendix C: Bibliography.

Appendix D: Answers to Exercises.