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Beginning C# 2005 Databases

Karli Watson
ISBN: 978-0-470-04406-3
528 pages
October 2006
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Chapter 1: Database Fundamentals.

What Is a Database?

Additional Features of RDBMSes.

What RDBMSes Are Available?

How Do You Use a Database?

Chapter 2: Databases and C#.

Database Access in C#.

Visual Tools.

Chapter 3: Viewing Data.

Creating Data Sources.

Binding to Data Sources.

Chapter 4: Modifying Data.

Data Modification Prerequisites.

How to Avoid Data Being Overwritten.

Modifying Data from Data-Bound Controls.

Chapter 5: Databases and the Internet.

Web versus Windows Applications.

Data Binding in ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Data Connections.

ASP.NET Data Source Controls.

ASP.NET Data Display Control Summary.

An Introduction to Templates.

Viewing and Editing Data in List Views.

Viewing and Editing Data in Detail Views.

Master/Detail Views.

Chapter 6: Accessing Databases Programmatically.

Database Connections.

Database Commands.

Data Reader Objects.

Data Adapter Objects.

DataSet Objects.

Chapter 7: Views and Stored Procedures.

Database Views.

Stored Procedures.

Chapter 8: Custom Data Objects.

Custom Data Objects.

Chapter 9: Transactions and Concurrency.



Chapter 10: Working with Disconnected Data.

Exposing Web Service Data.

Consuming Web Service Data.

Caching Web Service Data.

Chapter 11: SQL Server CLR Integration.

Overview of CLR Integration.

Common Features of CLR Integrated Code.

Managed Functions and Stored Procedures.

Appendix A: Installation.

Appendix B: Database Installation.

Appendix C: Answers to Exercises.


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