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Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design, 2nd Edition (0470096977) cover image

Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design, 2nd Edition

Richard York
ISBN: 978-0-470-09697-0
656 pages
June 2007
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  • Updated full color edition of a fantastic first edition - the new full color treatment provides code-coded CSS code to increase reader comprehension and color web results to best show students what their code should produce.
  • Some of the key enhancements to this second edition include:
    • Quick start introduction in Chapter 1 and a real-world project at the end of the book
    •  Updated for Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera 9, and increased documentation and discussion on Apple’s Safari 2
    • Simpler, more to the point examples
    • Input code in color to show various code components in different colors
    • Output web screens in color to show what the code really produces as results
    • More discussion of Internet Explorer 6, bugs, and work-arounds
    • Documentation of Mozilla’s CSS 3 multi-column support, Safari’s CSS 3 background support
  • The strong topical coverage of the book continues with coverage of: Document standards, CSS Anatomy, and Syntax; Data Types, Keywords, Color, Length, and the URI; Selectors; Inheritance and the Cascade; Text and Font manipulation; Liquid Design and the CSS Box Model; Margins, Floating, vertical alignment, and positioning; Lists and the UI; Backgrounds, styling for handhelds, print, tables, and styling XML; Cross-browser compatibility
  • Power Point Slides and an online Test Bank are available online to all instructors.