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Beginning Cryptography with Java

David Hook
ISBN: 978-0-7645-9633-9
484 pages
August 2005
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Chapter 1: The JCA and the JCE.

Chapter 2: Symmetric Key Cryptography.

Chapter 3: Message Digests, MACs, and HMACs.

Chapter 4: Asymmetric Key Cryptography.

Chapter 5: Object Description in Cryptography Using ASN.1.

Chapter 6: Distinguished Names and Certificates.

Chapter 7: Certificate Revocation and Path Validation.

Chapter 8: Key and Certificate Management Using Keystores.

Chapter 9: CMS and S/MIME.

Chapter 10: SSL and TLS.

Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises.

Appendix B: Algorithms Provided by the Bouncy Castle Provider.

Appendix C: Using the Bouncy Castle API for Elliptic Curve.

Appendix D: Bibliography and Further Reading.


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