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Beginning Database Design

Gavin Powell
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7490-0
504 pages
December 2005
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
10 Error in Figure
figure 1.6

relation symbol between Employee and Employee Type Tables is in the wrong direction
76 Error in Caption
Figure 4-2
Caption should read:
DELETE anomaly occurs when master record removed without deleting detail records first.
80 Error in Text
(2) Figure 4-6, bold text under the Upper-right table:
Employee (2 columns)
should be
Employee (3 columns)
84 Error in Text
figure 4-9, middle column heading:
should be
88 Error in location of Text
Figure 4-14, Lower-right box:
Sales_Order_Item label should be above the top edge of the rounded table box (see Figure 4-21 on page 95 for correct placement of this)
103 Error in Text placement
The rule after the single sentence paragraph "Let's take a look at some examples with 3NF." The rule should be before that paragraph instead of after it.
153 Error in Text
first paragraph after heading:
Figure 4-28, Figure 4-29, and Figure 4-30

Should be:
Figure 4-30, Figure 4-32, and Figure 4-33.
154 Error in Text
first regular text paragraph:
Figure 4-31

Should be:
Figure 4-33
154 Error in Text
last paragraph, bottom of page, line 2:
Figure 4-32 and Figure 4-33

Should be:
Figure 4-34 and 4-35.
155 Error in Text
first regular text paragraph:
Figure 4-34, Figure 4-35, Figure 4-36, and Figure 4-38

Should be:
Figure 4-36, Figure 4-37, Figure 4-38, and Figure 4-40.
156 Error in Text
first paragraph:
Figure 4-39 to Figure 4-42

Should be:
Figure 4-41 to Figure 4-43.
157 Error in Text
3rd paragraph:
Figure 4-21, Figure 4-23, Figure 4-24, and Figure 4-25

Should be:
Figure 4-23, Figure 4-25, Figure 4-26, and Figure 4-27.
182 Error in Text
first bullet, 2nd line, last word:
should be
183 Error in Text
under "How Long to Keep Data in a Data Warehouse?" heading, first paragraph, 3rd line:
how detail is required
should be
how much detail is required
204 Error in Text
paragraph above "The Having and Where Clauses." 2nd sentence
Sometimes these CASE statement
should be
Sometimes these CASE statements
326 Error in Bullet
First bullet, last 2 sentences:
A data warehouse is a source for reporting, be that reporting
analytical or forecasting. Typical of data warehouse reporting is
the need to refer to individual addresses of buyers and sellers;
therefore, retaining explicit address information is pointless.

should be:
A data warehouse is a source for analytical reporting and forecast
reporting. Typical of data warehouse reporting is the need to refer
to only the general locations of buyers and sellers. Retaining
specific individual address information is pointless when reporting
for an entire city or state for instance.
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