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Beginning Database Design (0764574906) cover image

Beginning Database Design

Gavin Powell
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7490-0
504 pages
December 2005
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Part I: Approaching Relational Database Modeling.

Chapter 1: Database Modeling Past and Present.

Chapter 2: Database Modeling in the Workplace.

Chapter 3: Database Modeling Building Blocks.

Part II: Designing Relational Database Models.

Chapter 4: Understanding Normalization.

Chapter 5: Reading and Writing Data with SQL.

Chapter 6: Advanced Relational Database Modeling.

Chapter 7: Understanding Data Warehouse Database Modeling.

Chapter 8: Building Fast-Performing Database Models.

Part III: A Case Study in Relational Database Modeling.

Chapter 9: Planning and Preparation Through Analysis.

Chapter 10: Creating and Refining Tables During the Design Phase.

Chapter 11: Filling in the Details with a Detailed Design.

Chapter 12: Business Rules and Field Settings.

Part IV: Advanced Topics.

Chapter 13: Advanced Database Structures and Hardware Resources.


Appendix A: Exercise Answers.

Appendix B: Sample Databases.