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Beginning Dreamweaver MX (0764544047) cover image

Beginning Dreamweaver MX

Charles E. Brown, Imar Spaanjaars, Todd Marks
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4404-0
800 pages
February 2003
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
8 267 Incorrect JavaScript character

The second code block, bullet 7, containing JavaScript shows un underscore as a line continuation character. This doesn't make sense in JavaScript, and it will produce an error, causing the menu to malfunction. Therefore

sPageName = sPageName.substr(sPageName.lastIndexOf('/') _
+ 1).toLowerCase();

should read

sPageName = sPageName.substr(sPageName.lastIndexOf('/')
+ 1).toLowerCase();

07-Jul-03 1
9 330 Code error

If UCase(sVisitorType) = "NEW" Then

should read

If bNewUsers = True then

21-Jul-03 1
11 372 Wrong image

The image of the Color Picker of Dreamweaver was accidentally replaced with an image of our custom Color Picker. The correct image should be:

07-Jul-03 1
11 402 Incorrect image size in code

Code at the top of the page shows an incorrect image size. The code should read:

Case 1 ' England
<img src="Images/badge1.gif" width="257" height="58">
Case 2 ' The Netherlands

21-Jul-03 1
11 404 Error in code explanation

The explanation of the code on the second halve of the page shows the following JavaScript:

<a href="javascript:;"

This should be

<a href="#"

as the reader was instructed to change that on page 403.

21-Jul-03 1
12 446 Typo
The last line of the first code block on that page refers to /admin/admin.asp. That should have been ../admin/admin.asp as we are using this code from the Library folder.
21-Jul-03 1
13 478 Error in text

Bullet 8 mentions rsEvents.ID. This should have been: rsEvents.Title.

21-Jul-03 1
14 512 Incorrect text in screen shot

Incorrect text in screen shot In the screen shot the connection to the DB reads "connAccessDB". It should say "connTheSoccerSite".

Thanks to John MacLean.

07-Jul-03 1
14 514 Screen shot error

The screen shot at bullet 12 shows a Cancel button. However, the button isn't created until page 520, so it shouldn't have been there.

Thanks to John MacLean.

21-Jul-03 1
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