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Beginning Dynamic Websites: with ASP.NET Web Matrix (0764543741) cover image

Beginning Dynamic Websites: with ASP.NET Web Matrix

Dave Sussman, James Greenwood, Alex Homer, Colt Kwong, John West
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4374-6
576 pages
February 2003
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.
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David Sussman has spent the majority of his professional life as a developer, using both Unix-based and Microsoft-based products. After writing his first two books while in full time employment, he realized that being an author sounded more glamorous than being a programmer. The reality is somewhat different. He now spends most of his time writing books for Wrox Press, speaking at conferences, and playing with most beta products that Microsoft ships.

James Greenwood is a technical architect and author based in West Yorkshire, England. He spends his days (and most of his nights) designing and implementing .NET solutions from Government knowledge-management systems to mobile integration platforms, all the while waxing lyrical on the latest Microsoft technologies. His professional interests include research into distributed interfaces, the automation of application development, and human-machine convergence.
When he can be prised away from the keyboard, James can be found out and about, indulging in his other great loves – British sports cars
and Egyptology.
You can reach James at

Alex Homer is a software developer and technical author living and working in the idyllic rural surroundings of the Derbyshire Dales in England. He came to computing late in life - in fact, while he was at school people still thought that the LED wristwatch was a really cool idea. Since then, he has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, and so, looked destined for a career painting computers. Instead, while not busy developing ASP components for Stonebroom Software (, he prefers to install and play with the latest and flakiest beta code he can find - and then write about it. You can contact him at or

Colt Kwong is a Microsoft .NET MVP, software developer, technical writer, and addict of all things about .NET. He's one of the top posters and a moderator on the Microsoft official ASP.NET forums at He also contributes on other popular websites and newsgroups as well. He spends a great deal of his free time providing help to budding ASP.NET developers. He is a guest speaker for Microsoft Hong Kong TechEd and a freelancer for Microsoft Hong Kong. He's in the Winner's Circle for Microsoft's Asia Student .NET Online Challenge, earning perfect scores in advanced, intermediate, and basic levels of .NET, ASP.NET, XML web services, XML, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Studio .NET, and HailStorm. Moreover, he was also recognized as one of the Level 2 AspElite members and is a Moderator of .

John West is a Principal Consultant at Intellinet (, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in leading Microsoft .NET application development efforts. Intellinet provides infrastructure and business intelligence solutions. Intellinet's Intelligent Enterprise integration solution helps clients to benefit from systems that meet current needs and can scale to future demands. Often, .NET applications become the glue to integrate the Intelligent Enterprise, which consists of networking, security, messaging, collaboration, custom applications, data, and mobility solutions.
When not working, he usually spends his time reading, hanging out with friends from church, and boating. John can be reached at