Beginning Excel Services (0470104899) cover image

Beginning Excel Services

Liviu Asnash, Eran Megiddo, Craig Thomas
ISBN: 978-0-470-10489-7
432 pages
March 2007
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Part I: Overview of Excel Services.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel Services.

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Excel Services.

Chapter 3: Architecture.

Part II: Working with Excel Services.

Chapter 4: Workbook Support.

Chapter 5: External Data.

Chapter 6: Capacity and Deployment Planning.

Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services.

Chapter 8: Security.

Part III: How-To Scenarios.

Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser.

Chapter 10: Interacting with Workbooks in the Browser.

Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution.

Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions.

Chapter 13: Offloading Workbook Calculation to the Server.

Chapter 14: Building Custom Solutions.

Appendix: Troubleshooting.