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Beginning JavaScript, 3rd Edition (0470051515) cover image

Beginning JavaScript, 3rd Edition

Paul Wilton, Jeremy McPeak
ISBN: 978-0-470-05151-1
792 pages
May 2007
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Paul Wilton started as a Visual Bacic applications programmer at the Ministry of Defense in the UK, then found himself pulled into the Net. Having joined an Intermet development company, he spent three years helping create Internet solutions. He's now running his own successful and rapidly growing company developing online holiday property reservation systems.

Jeremy McPeak began tinkering with web development as a hobby in 1998. Currently working in IT department of a school district, Jeremy has experience developing web solutions with JavaScript, PHP, and C#. He has written several online articles covering topics such as XSLT, WebForms, and C#. He is also co-author of Professional Ajax.

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