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Beginning JavaScript, 3rd Edition (0470051515) cover image

Beginning JavaScript, 3rd Edition

Paul Wilton, Jeremy McPeak
ISBN: 978-0-470-05151-1
792 pages
May 2007
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  • Addition of coverage of Ajax - which is driving tremendous renewed JavaScript interest
  • Trimming "fat" from the book by removing some peripheral and dated coverage of ASP, databases, and older browser versions
  • Updating all the code to insure compliance with the current browsers FireFox 1.5/2 and Internet Explorer 6/7 or the most current versions at the time of publication
  • Improved examples throughout the book to use more up-to-date and relevant programming techniques
  • Introduction To Dynamic HTML - NEW to this edition
    • Dynamic HTML in modern browsers - completely updated for this edition
    • JavaScript and XML - major updates for this edition
    • Ajax for Remote Scripting - NEW to this edition
  • Instructor Supplements-Power Points, Test Bank and Instructor's Manual will be available.
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