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Beginning JavaScript, 4th Edition (0470525932) cover image

Beginning JavaScript, 4th Edition

Paul Wilton, Jeremy McPeak
ISBN: 978-0-470-52593-7
792 pages
October 2009
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
7-8 Error in Text
The heading "Linking to an External JavaScript File" and "Advantages of using an External File" should come after "Try it out: Painting the Page Red."
14-end Error in Code
All instances of <br> should be <br /> to be fully XHTML compliant.
24 Error in Code
Use of script language JavaScript is deprecated, language is no longer a valid value.

Use: script type javascript instead.
26 Error in Text
First sentence: "Now that you've seen how to cope with errors," should be stricken. Error handling is covered in depth in Chapter 4.
34 & 35 Error in Text
References to Chapter 4 should be Chapter 5 (i.e.) "However in Chapter 4 you'll be looking at the Math object...."
208 Text Correction: Error in Code
currently reads:
else if (document.all)
browser = "Internet Explorer";
version = "6-";+

Should be:
else if (document.all)
browser = "Internet Explorer";
version = "6-";
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