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Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development

Michael K. Glass, Yann Le Scouarnec, Elizabeth Naramore, Gary Mailer, Jeremy Stolz, Jason Gerner
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5744-6
720 pages
March 2004
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Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Installation Configuration.

Part II: Movie Review Web Site.

Chapter 2: Creating PHP Pages.

Chapter 3: Using PHP with MySQL.

Chapter 4: Using Tables to Display Data.

Chapter 5: Form Elements: Letting the User Work with Data.

Chapter 6: Letting the User Edit the Database.

Chapter 7: Validating User Input.

Chapter 8: Handling and Avoiding Errors.

Part III: Comic Book Fan Site.

Chapter 9: Building Databases.

Chapter 10: E-mailing with PHP.

Chapter 11: User Logins, Profiles, and Personalization.

Chapter 12: Building a Content Management System.

Chapter 13: Mailing Lists.

Chapter 14: Online Selling: A Quick Way to E-Commerce.

Chapter 15: Creating a Bulletin Board System.

Part IV: Advanced Users.

Chapter 16: Using Log Files to Improve Your Site.

Chapter 17: Troubleshooting.

Appendix A: Answers to Exercises.

Appendix B: PHP Quick Reference.

Appendix C: PHP Functions.

Appendix D: MySQL Data Types.

Appendix E: MySQL Quick Reference.

Appendix F: Comparison of Text Editors.

Appendix G: Choosing a Third-Party Host.

Appendix H: An Introduction to PEAR.

Appendix I: AMP Installation.


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