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Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1 (0470414634) cover image

Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1

James Payne
ISBN: 978-0-470-41463-7
624 pages
February 2010
Other Available Formats: E-book
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Part I: Dipping Your Toe into Python.

Chapter 1: Programming Basics and Strings.

Chapter 2: Numbers and Operators.

Chapter 3: Variables -- Names for Values.

Part II: Python Language and the Standard Library.

Chapter 4: Making Decisions.

Chapter 5: Functions.

Chapter 6: Classes and Objects.

Chapter 7: Organizing Programs.

Chapter 8: Files and Directories.

Chapter 9: Other Features of the Language.

Chapter 10: Building a Module.

Chapter 11: Text Processing.

Part III: Putting Python to Work.

Chapter 12: Testing.

Chapter 13: Writing a GUI with Python.

Chapter 14: Accessing Databases.

Chapter 15: Using Python for XML.

Chapter 16: Network Programming.

Chapter 17: Extension Programming with C.

Chapter 18: Numerical Programming.

Chapter 19: An Introduction to Django.

Chapter 20: Web Applications and Web Services.

Chapter 21: Integrating Java with Python.

Part IV: Appendices.

Appendix A: Answers to the Exercises.

Appendix B: Online Resources.

Appendix C: What’s New in Python 3.1.

Appendix D: Glossary.