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Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming (0764584332) cover image

Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming

Robert Vieira
ISBN: 978-0-7645-8433-6
720 pages
February 2006
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Error in Reference
...pubs and Northwind are only installed as part of a separate installation that can be downloaded from Microsoft. See Appendix F (online) for more information on how to get them installed on your practice system. There is no Appendix F. It's Appendix E.
Code Replacement
Code Replacement for this title can be found at:
11 Error in Text
Text reads:
"(...the same way we have constraints, which are objects, and rules, which are not objects but metadata.)"

Should read:
"(...the same way we have rules, which are objects, and constraints, which are not objects but metadata.)"
28, 31 Error in Figures
Page 28, the connect to server figure reflects connecting to server
should be:


Page 31, Try it out figure shows Schweitzer
should be:
34-38 Error in Figure References
"Results In Text" shown in 2-11, should be 2-12 "Show Execution Plan" shown in 2-12, should be 2-13 "re-run the query" shown in 2-13, should be 2-14 Figure 2-14 shows how to select the AdventureWorks database, should not be there.
54 Error in Instruction
SELECT OrderID, SUM(Quantity)
From [Order Details]
Where OrderID BETWEEN 11000 AND 11002

Text reads, "If we didn't supply the GROUP BY clause, the SUM would
have been of all the values in all of the rows for the named column."


If you remove the "GROUP BY OrderID" line, an error occurs.

INSTEAD should be:
SELECT SUM(Quantity)
From [Order Details]
Where OrderID BETWEEN 11000 AND 11002
55 Error in Text
85 X 3 = 28.33

should be:
85 / 3 = 28.33
111 Typo in Text
At the end of the 4th paragraph:

(and any other SQL Server object for that matter

Should be

(and any other SQL Server object for that matter).
146-147 Error in Text
If you look at pages 146 - 147 at figures 5-6 and 5-8, you will see the CustomerName field is set to varbinary(30).

The images should show it is varchar(30).
153 Error in Text
First paragraph under Entity Constraints reads:
"... value for a column or a combination of problems."

Should read:
"combination of columns"
193 Typo in Text
In the first sentence under the "Correlated Subqueries in the SELECT List" heading:

Subqueries can also used...

Should be

Subqueries can also be used...
233 Error in Figures 8-13 adn 8-21
Line reads: "I can then add in my new column, and reset the Primary Key as shown in Figure 8-13 (select both rows, right click and choose Set Primary Key)." Now, when I do this, my table shows key icons on both the CustomerID column and the Sequence columns, while the example Figure 8-13 (and subsequent figure 8-21) still shows the Key icon only on the CustomerID column. This leads me the figure examples should show both key icons.
336 Error in Text
Code paragraph says:
"/* First, we’ll declare to variables."

should be:
"/* First, we’ll declare two variables."
619 Error in Chapter Reference
the CONTAINSTABLE & FREETEXTTABLE System Functions refer to more information about usage of each in Chapter 26.

Full Text Search is only covered in the Professional title (9780764584343 Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming); there is no chapter 26 in Beginning.
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