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Beginning VB.NET 2003 (0764556584) cover image

Beginning VB.NET 2003

Thearon Willis, Jonathan Crossland, Richard Blair
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5658-6
840 pages
April 2004
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Chapter 1: Welcome to Visual Basic .NET.

Chapter 2: The Microsoft .NET Framework.

Chapter 3: Writing Software.

Chapter 4: Controlling the Flow.

Chapter 5: Working with Data Structures.

Chapter 6: Building Windows Applications.

Chapter 7: Displaying Dialog Boxes.

Chapter 8: Creating Menus.

Chapter 9: Debugging and Error Handling.

Chapter 10: Building Objects.

Chapter 11: Advanced Object-Oriented Techniques.

Chapter 12: Building Class Libraries.

Chapter 13: Creating Your Own Custom Controls.

Chapter 14: Programming Custom Graphics.

Chapter 15: Accessing Databases.

Chapter 16: Database Programming with SQL Server and ADO.NET.

Chapter 17: Web Forms.

Chapter 18: Creating Web Server Controls.

Chapter 19: Visual Basic .NET and XML.

Chapter 20: Web Services and .NET Remoting.

Chapter 21: Deploying Your Application.

Chapter 22: Building Mobile Applications.

Appendix A: Where to Now?

Appendix B: Architecture and Design Patterns.

Appendix C: An Introduction to Code Security.

Appendix D: Exercise Answers.

Appendix E: Differences Between .NET Framework Versions 1.0 and 1.1.