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Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Databases

Thearon Willis
ISBN: 978-0-7645-8894-5
768 pages
November 2005
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Chapter 1: Databases.

Chapter 2: An Introduction to ADO.NET.

Chapter 3: Visual Studio 2005 Data Wizards.

Chapter 4: Basic SQL.

Chapter 5: SQL and Queries for Access.

Chapter 6: Selecting Data in Access.

Chapter 7: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data in Access.

Chapter 8: Migrating Data from Access.

Chapter 9: Stored Procedures and Views for SQL Server and Oracle.

Chapter 10: Building Business Logic and Data Access Components.

Chapter 11: Inserting Data.

Chapter 12: Selecting Data.

Chapter 13: Updating Data.

Chapter 14: Accessing Data in ASP.NET.

Chapter 15: Creating a Web Service.

Chapter 16: Accessing a Web Service.

Appendix A: Data Type Cross-Reference.

Appendix B: Time Tracker Project UI.

Appendix C: Exercise Solutions.