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Beginning XML, 2nd Edition (0764543946) cover image

Beginning XML, 2nd Edition

David Hunter, Kurt Cagle, Chris Dix, Roger Kovack, Jonathan Pinnock, Jeff Rafter
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4394-4
900 pages
December 2001
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Chapter 1: What is XML?

Chapter 2: Well-Formed XML.

Chapter 3: XML Namespaces.

Chapter 4: XSLT.

Chapter 5: Document Type Definitions.

Chapter 6: XML Schemas.

Chapter 7: Advanced XML Schemas.

Chapter 8: The Document Object Model (DOM).

Chapter 9: The Simple API for XML (SAX).

Chapter 10: SOAP.

Chapter 11: Displaying XML.

Chapter 12: XML and Databases.

Chapter 13: Linking and Querying XML.

Case Study 1: Using XSLT to Build Interactive Web Applications.

Case Study 2 - XML Web Services.

Appendix A: The XML Document Object Model.

Appendix B: XPath Reference.

Appendix C: XSLT Reference.

Appendix D: Schema Element and Attribute Reference.

Appendix E: Schema Datatypes Reference.

Appendix F: SAX 2.0: The Simple API for XML.

Appendix G: Useful Web Resources.