Topic: C# and C++

C# Design and Development: Expert One on One (0470415967) cover image

C# Design and Development: Expert One on One

John Paul Mueller
ISBN: 978-0-470-41596-2
672 pages
March 2009
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1. Defining the Language Environment.

2. Understanding the Application Lifecycle.

3. Defining a Design Strategy.

4. Designing the User Interface.

5. Designing With Speed in Mind.

6. Designing With Reliability in Mind.

7. Designing With Security in Mind.

8. Customizing the IDE.

9. Scripting.

10. Viewing Data in the IDE.

11. Working With Controls and Components.

12. Coding the Application.

13. Considering the Documentation.

14. Implementing Error Handling.

15. Testing, Debugging, and Quality Assurance.

16. Deploying the Application.

17. Supporting and Maintaining the Application.

18. Developing Around the Performance Triangle.

19. Considering Application Speed Implications.

20. Considering Application Reliability Implications.

21. Considering Application Security Implications.

22. Serializing XML.

23. Working With LINQ.

24. Augmenting Applications Using F#.

25. Creating Multithreaded Applications.

26. Creating Reports and Other Output.

27. Designing Low-Level Application Elements.

28. Choosing Resources and Tools.

29. Microsoft Resources and Tools.

30. Third-Party Resources and Tools.