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C# Graphics Programming

Rod Stephens
ISBN: 978-0-470-34349-4
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65 pages
February 2008
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Table of Contents
Section 1: Using Graphics, Pens, and Brushes.

Getting a Graphics Object.

Using a Graphics Object.

Creating Pens.

Creating Brushes.

Section 1 Wrap-up.

Section 2: Using Advanced Pens and Brushes.

Custom Dash Patterns.

Longitudinal Stripes.

Custom End Caps.

Linear Gradient Brushes.

Path Gradient Brushes.

Section 2 Wrap-up.

Section 3: Drawing Text.

Drawing Simple Text.

Using Layout Rectangles.

Section 3 Wrap-up.

Section 4: Manipulating Images.

Creating and Loading Bitmaps.

Manipulating Bitmaps.

Saving Image Files.

Section 4 Wrap-up.

Section 5: Using Transformations.

Basic Transformations.

World Coordinate Mapping.

Section 5 Wrap-up.

Section 6: Printing.

Using PrintPage.

Using Other Event Handlers.

Printing Transformations.

Section 6 Wrap-up.

Section 7: Using WPF Graphics.

Decorative Controls.

Shape Controls.


Section 7 Wrap-up.

Section 8: Building FlowDocuments.






Section 8 Wrap-up.


About Rod Stephens.

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