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Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform (0470506385) cover image

Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform

Roger Jennings
ISBN: 978-0-470-50638-7
360 pages
October 2009
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Part I: Introducing the Windows Azure Platform.

Chapter 1: Surveying the Role of Cloud Computing.

Chapter 2: Understanding Windows Azure Platform Architecture.

Chapter 3: Analyzing the Windows Azure Operating System.

Chapter 4: Scaling Azure Table and Blob Storage.

Part II: Taking Advantage of Cloud Services in the Enterprise.

Chapter 5: Minimizing Risk When Moving to Azure Cloud Services.

Chapter 6: Authenticating and Authorizing Service Users.

Chapter 7: Optimizing the Scalability and Performance of Azure Tables.

Chapter 8: Messaging with Azure Queues.

Part III: Tackling Advanced Azure Services Techniques.

Chapter 9: Authenticating Users with .NET Access Control Services.

Chapter 10: Interconnecting Services with the .NET Service Bus.

Chapter 11: Exploring .NET Service Bus Queues and Routers.

Part IV: Working with SQL Azure Services (Online Only).

Chapter 12: Managing SQL Azure Accounts, Databases, and DataHubs.

Chapter 13: Exploiting SQL Azure Database's Relational Features.


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