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Excel 2002 VBA: Programmers Reference

Rob Bovey, Stephen Bullen, John Green, Robert Rosenberg
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4371-5
1032 pages
September 2001
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel.

Chapter 2: Primer in Excel VBA.

Chapter 3: The Application Object.

Chapter 4: Workbooks and Worksheets.

Chapter 5: Using Ranges.

Chapter 6: Using Names.

Chapter 7: PivotTables.

Chapter 8: Filtered Lists.

Chapter 9: Generating Charts.

Chapter 10: Event Procedures.

Chapter 11: Adding Controls.

Chapter 12: Office Files and Folders.

Chapter 13: UserForms.

Chapter 14: Command Bars.

Chapter 15: Class Modules.

Chapter 16: Addins.

Chapter 17: Automation Addins and COM Addins.

Chapter 18: SmartTags.

Chapter 19: Interacting with Other Office Applications.

Chapter 20: Data Access with ADO.

Chapter 21: Excel and the Internet.

Chapter 22: International Issues.

Chapter 23: Programming the VBE.

Chapter 24: Programming with the Windows API.

Appendix A: Excel 2002 Object Model.

Appendix B: VBE Object Model.

Appendix C: Office XP Object Model.