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Excel 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference

Paul T. Kimmel, Stephen Bullen, John Green, Rob Bovey, Robert Rosenberg, Brian Patterson (Contributions by)
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5660-9
1176 pages
July 2004
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Code Replacement / Errata Download
The content for this title has been posted and may be accessed via:
Code Download Problems with code downloads
If you are experiencing problems with the code for this book, you can try the code downloads for the 2002 version of this book, which is located here.
38 Missing Verb in Sentence
The text in first gray box reads: "Note that subroutines and functions can both accept arguments. However, you cannot subroutine with input parameters directly by pressing F5."

The second sentence is missing a verb between "cannot" and "subroutine"
52 Duplicate Code
Code Lines "i = i + 1" at the very bottom of the page.

The code is meant to simulate a password login with only 3 attempts to enter the correct password. The 3 attempts only work if the mentioned line is only used once, and not twice as dictated in the book.
9 179 Error in Code Block
In the code block at the end of the page, the following text is missing on line 13:
“Select Case Data(1, 3)”
207 Error in Text
second shaded passage:
If Connection.State = ObjectStateEnum.adStateOpen) Then objConn.Close.

Should be:
If (Connection.State = ObjectStateEnum.adStateOpen) Then Connection.Close
211 Error in Text
Final paragraph on page 211 starts:
"Line declares the WithEvents statement".
Should be:
"Line 2 declares the WithEvents statement"
446 Error in Code Box at
Code in the grey box at the bottom of page 446 should be corrected as follows:

Public Sub AddNewData()

Dim lRows As Long

With Range("DataBase")
lRows = .Rows.Count + 1
Range("Input").Copy Destination:=.Cells(lRows, 1)
.Resize(lRows).Name = "Database"
End With

End Sub
Appendix Missing Appendix for download
Please go to the download page to download the missing appendix.
Back Cover This book does not cover VB.Net with Excel
On the back cover it mentions that included in this book's contents you will learn how to use VB.Net with Excel.

This book does not cover that.
26 Updated Files for Chapter 26
Download updated code for Chapter 26 from the Download page.
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