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Integrating Microsoft CRM 4.0 with Windows SharePoint Services

Rituraj Singh
ISBN: 978-0-470-39777-0
Wrox Blox PDF
40 pages
June 2008
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This Wrox Blox explains a custom design for integrating Microsoft CRM 4.0 with external applications. The author helps readers understand Microsoft CRM's integration capabilities and design approach for integrating Microsoft CRM with other applications and implementing it by integrating Microsoft CRM with WSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (WSS). The Wrox Blox begins with an explanation of the requirements for a generic design pattern and discusses different components of Microsoft CRM 4.0 that aid in integration. As an example, the complete source code and step-by-step guide to integrate Windows SharePoint Services with Microsoft CRM 4.0, are included. The integration solution involves MSMQ and Windows Services to provide reliability and extensibility to the solution. After reading this Wrox Blox, readers should be able to easily design an integration solution for integrating Microsoft CRM 4.0 with any external application.

Table of Contents:

Integrating CRM with Other Applications 2

Requirements for CRM Integration Solution 2

CRM Integration Components 3

Architecture of MSCRM-to-WSS Integration 4

Installing the Components of the MSCRM Integration Solution 6

Account Customization 11

Installing and Configuring WSS 12

Importing the Template 12

Configuring Event Handler in WSS 15

Configuring WSS Features 15

Installing Windows Services 15

Installing and Configuring Message Queue 16

Running the Solution 16

Implementing MSCRM-to-WSS Integration 20

Account_Plugin 21

The Processing of DynamicEntity 21


Implementing WSS-to-MSCRM Integration 30

WSS_EventHandler 30


Summary 36

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