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Introduction to Google Gears: Creating Off-Line Applications with Pre-built Components (047025873X) cover image

Introduction to Google Gears: Creating Off-Line Applications with Pre-built Components

Todd Meister
ISBN: 978-0-470-25873-6
Wrox Blox PDF
30 pages
October 2007
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This Wrox Blox provides you the information you need to use the classes provided from Google. The core classes within Google Gears include Factory, Database, HttpRequest, LocalServer, Timer, and WorkerPool. This Wrox Blox shows how to determine when to use the different classes provided by Google Gears. The Factory allows you to instantiate instances of all of the other classes. The Database allows you to store browser based data on the client computer. The LocalServer provides a couple of approaches for storing content in an offline fashion. The WorkerPool makes it easy to do work in an asynchronous environment. The Timer allows you to execute a function on a set interval; and the HttpRequest allows you to create Web requests from within the browser. By tying all of the classes together, you’re able to create an offline experience that hasn’t been easily available until now.

All of the classes listed here are part of the 0.2 version of Google Gears. Additionally, it helps to know JavaScript before running the samples included in this Wrox Blox.

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