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OpenStack Cloud Application Development

Scott Adkins, John Belamaric, Vincent Giersch, Denys Makogon, Jason E. Robinson
ISBN: 978-1-119-23964-2
168 pages
November 2015
Other Available Formats: Paperback
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Author Information

About the authors

Scott Adkins is a technical lead for the Cloud Operations team at Comcast helping deploy new internal OpenStack environments.

John Belamaric is a key architect of the Infoblox Cloud products, concentrating on OpenStack integration and development.

Vincent Giersch is the co-founder and CTO of, where he works on the automation of deployment and scaling of the SaaS application.

Denys Makogon is a lead software developer for Gigaspaces, developing and designing platform and SaaS applications for OpenStack.

Jason Robinson is a senior platform developer at GoDaddy helping teams transition traditional applications to their internal OpenStack cloud with a focus on orchestration and resiliency.