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Power Programming with ReSharper: Optimize .NET Development with the ReSharper Add-In to Visual Studio 2008 (0470398434) cover image

Power Programming with ReSharper: Optimize .NET Development with the ReSharper Add-In to Visual Studio 2008

Andrew Moore
ISBN: 978-0-470-39843-2
Wrox Blox PDF
26 pages
June 2008
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This Wrox Blox introduces readers to the ReSharper Visual Studio add-in software. ReSharper is a tool from Jet Brains software that offers advanced code refactoring, code generation, code completion, code navigation, and code analysis tools for increasing programmers’ productivity writing C# and VB .NET code. ReSharper is an intuitive and easy-to-use product that maximizes productivity by automating many of the error-prone and time-consuming chores of programming. This Wrox Blox is targeted at any programmer who is familiar with C# as well as the Visual Studio development environment. 

Table of Contents:

Installing ReSharper 1

ReSharper Features 2

Code Analysis for C# 2

Code Completion and Code Templates 8

Code Generation 14

Navigation 17

Refactoring 20

Summary 22

About Andrew Moore 23

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