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Professional ASP.NET MVC 2 (0470643188) cover image

Professional ASP.NET MVC 2

Jon Galloway, Scott Hanselman, Phil Haack, Scott Guthrie, Rob Conery
ISBN: 978-0-470-64318-1
552 pages
June 2010
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
XXXVIII Error in Text
Currently reads: "...conventions and the digs a little..."

Should read: "...conventions and then digs a little..."
5 Error in Text
In the first paragraph after figure 1-7, line 6, the text ".. create reusable and shared the UI ..." should be ".. create reusable and shared UI ..."
30 Error in Code
Code Snippet 1-3 in the DinnerRepository class, the Delete(Dinner dinner) method:
foreach(var rsvp in dinner.RSVPs){
This does not work, and throws a compliation error. The error is also repeated in the Code Snippet1-3.txt download. The correct code should be:
foreach(RSVP rsvp in dinner.RSVPs.ToList()){
35 Error in Code
In Code Snippet 1-11, line 9:
"[StringLength(265, ErrorMessage =" is wrong, should be "[StringLength(256, ErrorMessage ="
61 Error in Text
On page 61 in Figure 1-84 the labels for the Title, EventDate and ContactPhone fields inconsistent with the code. These titles can be changed using the DisplayName attribute on these properties in the Dinner class as explained in Chapter 13, page 482, but this step is not shown in Chapter 1. This same problem is evident in other figures later in this chapter.
74 Error in Text
On page 74, the labels for the form displayed in Figure 1-94 are inconsistent with the code in Code Snipped 1-36. The form will look as pictured in Figure 1-94 after completing the Using Partial View Templates section, starting on page 93.
88 Error in Text
On page 88, third paragraph of the Using a ViewModel Pattern section, first sentence, the text states "we can create a DinnerFormViewModel class" but doesn't state where to create this class. This class can be created in the Models folder.
88 Error in Code
On page 88, Code Snippet 1-50, the following should be inserted at the top of the code listing: using System.Web.Mvc;
89 Error in Code
On page 89, code following the first sentence after Code Snippet 1-51, should be changed to read as follows:
90 Error in Code
On page 90, Code Snippet 1-53, eighth line should be changed from "if (TryUpdateModel(dinner))" to "if (TryUpdateModel(dinner,"Dinner"))"
97 Error in Text
"consider the following code snippet from the e le in our project"
should be
"consider the following code snippet from the Master Page file in our project"
215 Error in Text
Under the heading "StopRoutingHandler and IgnoreRoute"

The last sentence has the word "StopRoutingHandler" repeated. (i.e StopRoutingHandlerStopRoutingHandler)

This should just be StopRoutingHandler
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