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Professional Apache Geronimo (0471785431) cover image

Professional Apache Geronimo

Jeff Genender, Bruce Snyder, Sing Li
ISBN: 978-0-471-78543-9
468 pages
October 2006
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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Geronimo.

Where to Find Geronimo.

Before Installing Geronimo.

Installing the Geronimo Server.


Chapter 2: Basic Geronimo Configuration.

Deploying Your First Geronimo Application.

Geronimo and J2EE Software Components.

Loading, Starting, and Stopping Components.


Chapter 3: Apache and Geronimo.

The Organization behind Geronimo.

Understanding Open Source Software Licenses.


Chaper 4: Geronimo’s J2EE 1.4 Components.

Geronimo and the J2EE Tiered Architecture.

Geronimo’s Web Tier.

The Business Tier.

The EIS Tier.

Web Services.

Interoperability Features.

Support for Application Clients.

Geronimo Container Services.


Chapter 5: Geronimo Architecture and Directory Structure.

GBeans in Geronimo.

Geronimo Modules and Assemblies.

Geronimo Directory Structure.


Chapter 6: The Geronimo Deployer.

Getting Acquainted with the Deployer.

Using the Deployer.


Chapter 7: Using the Geronimo Debug Console and jconsole.

Debug Console Architecture.

JMX Overview.

JSR-77 Overview.

Installing the Debug Console.

Starting the Debug Console.

Troubleshooting a Deployment — An Example.


Chapter 8: Geronimo Web Console.

Using the Web Console.

Navigating the Server’s Functional Menus.

Navigating the Services Functional Menus.

Deploying and Managing Applications.

Working with Geronimo Plug-Ins.

Security Configuration.

Embedded Database.


Chapter 9: Geronimo Deployment Plans.

Deployment Descriptors and Plans.

The Geronimo Deployment Architecture.


Chapter 10: Web Container Configuration and Jetty.

Web Container — Jetty or Tomcat.

Configuring Web Applications.

Jetty GBeans.


Chapter 11: Tomcat Web Container Configuration.

Using Tomcat in Geronimo.

Configuring Tomcat.


Chapter 12: Deploying Enterprise Applications (EAR) with OpenEJB.

The J2EE Model for EJB Access.

Example of Deploying Session and Entity EJBs.

JavaMail Support.

Working with the Database Connections Pool.

The Geronimo Client Container.


Chapter 13: Configuring and Deploying JDBC Resources with PostgreSQL.


Starting PostgreSQL.

J2EE Connector Architecture and JDBC Resources.

Configuring JDBC Resources.

Deploying JDBC Resources.

Highly Available PostgreSQL with Sequoia.


Chapter 14: Deploying Web Services and CORBA Interoperation.

Web Services Fundamentals.

Example 1: Deploying a Web Service WAR on Geronimo.

Example 2: Deploying a Stateless Session EJB As a Web Service.

CORBA Concepts.

Example 3: Exposing a Session EJB As a CORBA Component.


Chapter 15: Security.

Importance of a Security Subsystem.

Geronimo Security Architecture.

Configuring JAAS Login Modules.

Using Security in Applications.

Locking Down Geronimo.


Chapter 16: Configuring, Deploying, and Using JMS Resources with Apache ActiveMQ.

The ActiveMQ Message Broker Architecture.

ActiveMQ Message Broker Configuration.

The ActiveMQ Resource Adapter.

ActiveMQ Resource Adapter Configuration.

Deployment Scope.


Appendix A: Geronimo Deployment Plans Cross-Reference.

Deploying Web-Tier Applications — geronimo-web.xml.

Deploying Business-Tier EJBs — openejb-jar.xml.

Deploying EIS-Tier JCA connectors — geronimo-ra.xml.

Deploying Enterprise Applications — geronimo-application.xml.

Deploying J2EE Application Clients — geronimo-application-client.xml.

J2EE Standard Specification Schemas for Deployment Descriptors.

Appendix B: Run-Time Deployer Command Reference.

The Command-Line Deployer.

Deployment Using GUI Web Console.

Auto Deployment Using the Hot Deployer.


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