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Professional Apache Tomcat 5 (0764559028) cover image

Professional Apache Tomcat 5

Vivek Chopra, Amit Bakore, Ben Galbraith, Sing Li, Chanoch Wiggers
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5902-0
624 pages
May 2004
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Vivek Chopra has over nine years of experience as a software developer, architect, and team lead, and is currently working on Web Services, J2EE, and middleware technologies. He has worked and consulted at a number of Silicon Valley companies (including Hewlett-Packard, Sun, and currently Sony) and startups. He actively writes about technology and has co-authored half a dozen books on topics such as Apache/open-source software, XML, and Web services. He is also a committer for UDDI4J, an opensource Java API for UDDI. His other areas of experience and interest include compilers, middleware, clustering, GNU/Linux, RFID systems, and mobile computing.

Sing Li, bitten by the microcomputer bug since 1978, has grown up with the Microprocessor Age. His first personal computer was a $99 do-it-yourself Netronics COSMIC ELF computer with 256 bytes of memory, mail-ordered from the back pages of Popular Electronics magazine. Currently, Sing is a consultant, system designer, open-source software contributor, and freelance writer specializing in Java technology, as well as embedded and distributed systems architecture. He writes for several popular technical journals and e-zines, and is the creator of the “Internet Global Phone,” one of the very first Internet telephones available. He has authored and co-authored a number of books across diverse technical topics, including Tomcat, JSP, Servlets, XML, Jini, and JXTA.

Ben Galbraith was introduced to Java in 1999, and has since become something of a Java enthusiast. He has written dozens of Java/J2EE applications for numerous clients, and has built his share of Web sites. He actively tinkers on several open-source projects and participates in the Java Community Process. He has also co-authored a gaggle of books on various Java/XML-related topics, including the one you’re holding now. He is president of the Utah Java User’s Group ( and Director of Software Development for Amirsys (

Jon Eaves is the Chief Technology Officer of ThoughtWorks Australia and has more than 15 years of software development experience in a wide variety of application domains and languages. He can be   reached at

Amit Bakore is a Sun-certified Web component developer and Java programmer. He works at Veritas Software R&D center, Pune (India). Earlier, he was a part of the Server Technologies group at Oracle, Bangalore (India), as a Senior Member Technical Staff. He has been working primarily on Java, J2EE, XML, and Linux. His areas of interest include open-source technologies and satellite-launching vehicles. He can be reached at Amit dedicates this work to his parents, Dr. Ramkrishna and Sau. Vaijayanti.

Chanoch Wiggers is a senior developer with Kiwi DMD, U.K., programming with J2EE and VB. He previously worked as a technical architect with Wrox Press, editing, architecting, and contributing to Java books.