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Professional Assembly Language (0764579010) cover image

Professional Assembly Language

Richard Blum
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7901-1
576 pages
February 2005
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
66 Error in Table Text
the first "Description" entry of the second table:

Does not analyze information about statistically declared (private) functions

should be:
Does not analyze information about statically declared (private) functions
104 Error in Code
the last line of code at the bottom of page:
movl %edx, -4(&edi)

Should be:
movl %edx, -4(%edi)
106 Error in Code
bottom of page code:

dec %ecx
jz continue
movl $0, %ecx

should be:

inc %ecx
jnc continue
movl $0, %ecx
303 Error in Code
Page 303, code at the top of the page:

code reads:

filds value
fmulp %st(0), %st(1)


should be:

filds value
fmulp %st(0), %st(1)
fstps %eax
311 Error in Code
On page 311 the code line:

movl %ebp, %esp

Should be

movl %esp, %ebp
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