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Professional C++

Nicholas A. Solter, Scott J. Kleper
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7484-9
864 pages
January 2005
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Nicholas A. Solter studied computer science at Stanford University, where he earned bachelor of science and master of science degrees, with a concentration in systems. While a student, he worked as a teaching assistant for several classes ranging from introductory computer science for nonmajors to an upperdivision course on group projects and software engineering.
Now a software engineer at Sun Microsystems, Nick programs primarily in C and C++ in his work on high-availability software. His previous work experience includes several stints in the computer game industry. At Digital Media International, he was the lead programmer on the multimedia educational game, The Land Before Time Math Adventure. During an internship at Electronic Arts, he helped develop the Course Architect 2000 golf course–editing tool for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 game.
In addition to his industry experience, Nick taught C++ for one year as an adjunct professor of computer science at Fullerton College. When not working, Nick enjoys reading, playing basketball, taking care of his son Kai, and spending time with his family.

Scott J. Kleper began his programming career in elementary school, writing adventure games in BASIC for the Tandy TRS-80. As the resident Mac geek at his high school, Scott moved to higher-level languages and released several award-winning shareware applications.
Scott attended Stanford University, where he obtained bachelor of science and master of science degrees in computer science, with a concentration in human-computer interaction. While in college, Scott served as a teaching assistant for classes involving introductory programming, object-oriented design, data structures, GUI frameworks, group projects, and Internet programming.
Since graduating, Scott has served as a lead engineer on the founding teams of several companies and is currently a senior software engineer at Reactivity, Inc. Outside of work, Scott is a compulsive online shopper, an avid reader, and an awful guitarist.

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